Of ALL the things I miss, I miss my Toilet the most!

There are things to come to terms with that will be a distant memory when you become a parent, but no one tells you that you going to miss your toilet!

We have got to that wonderful stage where Ladybug is starting potty training.  We did embark on this mission last year, but it’s a bit hard if you are the only one doing it and the school decides to stop potty training without telling you (let’s not go into that right now).  I decided to leave it until Ladybug went back to school and (they) decided to do potty training, but Ladybug is having none of that!

One thing I have learnt with Ladybug is that she does things in her own time and not when you want her to.  She has decided that she wants to be a big girl now (and all I keep thinking is SCORE more money for shoes!).  She will tell you when her nappy needs changing and she will tell you when she wants her nappy on or not, she is also able to tell you when she needs the toilet.

She has also decided that potties are so 2013 and she needs the toilet because she’s big, but so is the hole in the toilet!  My toilet has been transformed to a toddler friendly toilet, with a step and toddler inner seat but now here’s the catch, I don’t know when she is going to run off to the toilet so the toilet needs to stay like that waiting in anticipation for Ladybug to visit… Have you ever accidently kicked your toe on a stool and sat on a toddler toilet seat in the dead of night while you are half asleep? Well I have!

No one told me that while on her mission to become human that Ladybug would not only take over my life, my space, my heart but that she would also take over my toilet!  Every time I (or any adult) needs to use the toilet, it’s a mission.  You need to move the step, and then remove the seat.  You also need to fight off Ladybug who is trying to beat you to the toilet proclaiming “mine, mine, MINE!” and then you might have the luxury of using HER toilet (and not in the privacy of your own company I might add).

*Sigh* I almost might forgive a male for leaving the toilet seat up after this…. Just might!



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