T’was the Night Before Christmas

And all through the house the adults were busy preparing children for bed and making sure the magic of Christmas happens while they are asleep.  In our house it was no different.  Although Ladybug didn’t fully comprehend the events or why on earth Mommy was making her sit for photos next to cookies that she couldn’t eat, she did appreciate the effort that was made to make the magic of Christmas happen.

A letter was written to Santa a few days before Christmas

We left cookies for Santa, Milk for Santa and goodies for the Reindeer as well as the letter we wrote

Ladybug of course had to make sure that the Reindeer’s food was ediable!

Then once she was far away in dreamland dreaming of fairies and unicorns, Mommy, sorry Santa left presants for her under the tree
And Santa left foot prints leading from upstairs all the way downstairs into Granddad and Grandma’s house

Santa also left a note for Ladybug thanking her and telling her to follow the foot prints



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