A Special Christmas Dress

Just before the Christmas madness, Keedo sent me a voucher to spend on Ladybug.  To celebrate their 20 year anniversary, they felt it was time to give Keedo a new look! They updated the Keedo logo and website and due to the fact that Moms lead such busy lives, they’ve updated their online shop to be more user friendly and to offer a wider range of clothing that can be easily viewed and accessed online.

keedo logo FINAL

NEW Keedo website 2

NEW Keedo website 1
Now the ONLY problem with the Keedo’s new website is that I couldn’t afford to buy the whole shop!  I placed my order and 2 days later I received Ladybug’s Christmas dress.  I love Ladybug in white and this dress is simple, white and has a hint of colour with the adorable birds embroded on the bottom.


Ladybug looked all grown up and angelic (even while acting like a tomboy and climbing the bars).




Head on over and take a look at the new Keedo website – visit them here – and best of all, delivery is free (and don’t we all like free stuff in January?)



One thought on “A Special Christmas Dress

  1. Nelia Annandale says:

    Your sweet little ‘lady bug’ looks beautiful in her white xmas dress! Your story on her arrival really touched me. I still remember my ‘ two’ hearts beating outside my body when giving birth to my twins , 22 years ago, a feeling I will treasure for ever! Nelia xxx

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