Diary of a Talking Ladybug: Sentences

We have finally reached the stage of sentences… although most of the time it is instructions or commands/demands

“Tum (Come) Mommy up” or “Tum Mommy off” is generally used when Mommy (or any adult) is trying to sleep in, or laying on their bed and ignore Ladybug.

“Mommy tum sit here” or “Mommy sit there” is generally used when being told where to sit so she can sit with you or show you something

And so the list of commands carries on:
“Mommy tum”
“No Bella! Out”
“Oi Bella shoosh”
“Mommy tum up tie” (Tidy up time)

But all the commands are forgiven when you say goodbye and you get:
“Bye bye guys see you”

Or even at night:
“Nigh(t) nigh(t) sleep tigh(t)” or “Nigh(t) nigh(t) swee(t) dees (dreams)

Ladybug is also starting to add complex words to her vocabulary, and in the right context:

The two things that happened this weekend that I am extremely proud of, except it did take me a whole to click to the one thing.

Ladybug kept bringing me a nappy and saying “Bum bum” so naturally I thought she had renamed her nappy to a bum-bum. So dutifully I kept saying “Yes Love, that goes on your Bum but its called a nappy” and so this continued 3 times before she realised that Mommy was being stupid then the commands came:
“Mommy bum bum” Handing me the nappy
“Yes Love, it goes on your bum”
“No Mommy, Bum bum”
I was now starting to ignore her a little
“Mommy tum…. Up” taking my hand and pulling me up off the couch
“Where we going?”
Leading me straight to the changing unit “Mommy up”
Following instructions I picked her up (by now I had actually clicked)
“Mommy off…. Bum bum”
She had just made a poo and I needed to change her bum… it took me a while to register, but we got there in the end.

While trying to teach Ladybug to answer the second most popular question strangers ask children (only second to “What’s your name?”) “How old are you?”, she kept on counting. I would say one and it would get followed by “One… Tooooo…. Treeee”. While trying a different approach and showing her 1 finger, it would get followed with “tooo” (with 2 fingers), “treeeee” (with 3 fingers) and “aaaawwwww” (with 4 fingers). She eventually got the hint that she needed to stop at one when you ask her “How old are you?” but every now and then she giggles and answers “one……… tooooooooooo”!

Sometimes this one is far too clever for her own good!



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