Throw Back Thursday: Times are a changing

Yip its that time of the week again, but Im not throwing back the memory too far. In fact Im only going back 7 days to last week Thursday. So much has changed in such a short time, and while its exciting and new, it hasn’t come without any hiccups and challenges.

Last Thursday was a “last time” day for many things. It was my last time at taking Ladybug to school, it was my last afternoon I spent with her, it was my last day at a company I had worked at for 2 ½ years, it was my last half day…. It was also the last day I had my confident bubbly Ladybug!

I don’t like change, and it has become very clear that nor does Ladybug. She HATES change, possibly more than me! Unfortunately with so much change happening in her little routine (Granddad now taking her to school, her being full day, her routine in the mornings changing, her routine in the afternoon changing) its all been a little much for her and she has regressed in some aspects.

She has gone back to being needy and clingy, having complete and random meltdowns, going from being “Ma Vas” to only wanting Ganddad, Grandma and at times only wanting Bella (the dog). The child I have had to deal with the last week is not my Ladybug, in fact this was one of the main reasons why I wanted to work half day – I figured there had to be more to being a Mom than dealing with tears, tantrums and meltdowns when you get home from work!

For the first time ever, I have had to leave a crying Ladybug in the mornings and it breaks my heart. Not even when I took her to school did she shed a tear, in fact I become obselete as soon as we enter the gates. I didnt even get a “Bye bye” even when I begged for it!

I think we may have sorted out the one reason for some of the meltdowns; Ladybug has of late been eating like a horse in the afternoons (when she was at home with me), at times she would eats 3 – 4 bananas AND still eat her dinner… now with her being full day at school, she doesn’t get to eat anything in the afternoons (well after a yoghurt at 14h00) so when we get home she is starving! Ive hopefully managed to sort this out; well Im crossing fingers that Ive managed to sort that out but that’s a whole other issue all together!

Last night was the first night that Ladybug slept in her own bed for the whole night, I was so proud of her and really didn’t mind getting woken up at 4h45, ok I lie I really did mind but we have progress! Im hoping tonight we can have the same result because I don’t know how many more nights I can take with my additional body velcroed to me and clinging to me with every single move I dare make in the night.

I must just remember to be calm and patient with Ladybug and remind myself that this is all brand new for her as well as me!



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