Where has My Baby Gone?

This weekend past was a tough one emotionally, but there were moments where I just looked at Ladybug in total and utter awe and had to pinch myself a few times to make sure I wasn’t dreaming. Each day there is less and less of my baby, and more and more of a remarkable little human being.

The first was on Saturday morning, while doing my *favourite* household chore of washing dishes, Ladybug was hovering around and getting under my feet, so I told her to go fetch all her bottles so that I could wash them. Thinking that this would be a good distraction tool and that she would disappear long enough for me to get most of the dishes washed, but what happened shocked me and made me smile at the same time. Ladybug had gone through the house and bought me all her bottles (barring one) and her cups and bowls that were in the lounge. When she handed me the last one, it was followed with a “Yay” clapping of hands and the biggest smile on her face. Me on the other hand, I had a huge lump in my throat and I was swallowing hard and fighting back the tears. I was so proud of her!

After the Memorial Service on Saturday, we had tea on the Lawns at possibly the prettiest School in Joburg, St Andrews (yes I am biased, but have you SEEN the gardens there?). Ladybug was adamant that she wanted fruit juice in the champagne glass – which was not plastic and did not have a sippy cup top to it – but she sat on the chair and drank the glass of juice without spilling a single drop! This was the first time she had had more than a few dregs at the bottom of a cup. I was again so proud of her, she was on top form.

Saturday night we had dinner at Grandad’s house. Ladybug sat at the adult table on her special chair (not a baby chair, or high chair… just a chair that’s a bit higher so she can reach the table) and she ate all her dinner with a fork, only using her fingers for her drumstick. She even ate the cous cous with a fork and didn’t spill much! She even had her water in a big girl mug and didn’t spill when she drank it! It was at that moment I realised that the days of being covered in food while eating we long gone, and in front of me was a big girl!


Saturday was a surreal day for me as I watched my little human growing in leaps and bounds, but I guess I have seen the changes happening. One of the biggest ones is the lack on nappies that is slowly but surely creeping into our lives – nappies being replaced but panties and the cutest of cutest bums in the world! Yes, Ladybug is in the process of potty training.



One thought on “Where has My Baby Gone?

  1. Marija jerkovic says:

    hehehhe its an awesome feeling, just this morning i looked at ivana all dressed up and said to myself damn she has grown up, just yesterday she was born and now a little lady

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