Exploring (just outside) Jozi: Irene Dairy Farm

Irene Dairy Farm has to be one of my favourite places to head out to on a weekend, and now that the weather is warmer, we took the Grandparental Units out there with us. Nothing beats that farm smell when you climb out the car. We off loaded the blanket, Ladybugs car and the backpack and headed down to the cows.

Ladybug decided to have a tantrum of epic proportion, mainly because she had fallen asleep in the car and Evil Mommy had to wake her up… unfortunately this set her mood for the morning and there was no negotiating with her. She wanted to go where she wanted, how she wanted and in her own time. This of course involved Mommy pushing her on her car and her not really steering where I wanted her to go!

She loved the cows, feeding them and investigating where they were. She loved the tyre swing and wasn’t going to do it the safe way, no she had to swing on it the proper way, much to Mommy’s disapproval and near heart failure! The morning was rounded up with a visit to (late) Great Granny’s oldest and dearest friend – and Irene Farm Yoghurt for lunch!

Place: Irene Dairy Farm
Location: Nellmapius Rd, Centurion
Cost: There is no entrance fee to the farm
Food: You cant bring your own food, but there is a restaurant and a store where you can buy your picnic goodies from.
Note: Irene Farm does NOT accept cash, so make sure you bring your debit or credit cards
Activities: Picnics, Restaurants, shopping in the Farm Store, Jungle Gym for the kids, Getting up close and personal with Calves and feeding the ducks









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