National Braai Day

South Africa Rocks!!! Where else in the world do you have a public holiday named National Braai Day? Ok so Heritage Day has been affectionately renamed National Braai Day, but let’s be honest National Barbeque Day just doesn’t have the same ring to it.

Yesterday we took part in National Braai day, after all, it is part of our South African Heritage. The weather cleared up wonderfully. Ladybug and I went for a walk to Aunty Mandi, came home and got ready for the celebrations. Smeared ourselves in Sunscreen, exposed our lily white legs (yes I wore a dress *shock* *horror*) and we headed down to the pool for a braai.

The afternoon was spent braai’ing and Ladybug had her first summer swim in the pool – which was a freezing 19 degrees – but my water baby was in her element. The rest of the afternoon was spent trying to keep her out the pool, not even a dancing ballet tutu and rockstars (sunglasses) could distract her long enough.





I hope everyone had an awesome Braai day!




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