Feature Friday: Santa Shoebox 2013


This is one Feature Friday I have almost been counting down before I could post it. It’s the Santa Shoebox Project, and pledges for 2013 are OPEN!! Last year we did two boxes, and when I was chatting to Ladybug about what boxes we should do this year and how many, she insisted that I do one for each of her Uncles, her Aunt, her Mommy and her… that would be 5 boxes (so dear siblings that better be reading my blog – now you know why I asked you for a number and boy or girl). Good thing I have been collecting little bits and bobs as the years gone on.

I LOVE Christmas, I love giving presents and Santa Shoebox Project allows me to go just that, give a present to a child that might not necessarily get a present on Christmas. The instructions are really simple, have a look at them:


Now that your mind is ticking with ideas, head on over to http://www.santashoebox.co.za and pledge at least one box for your family. Get everyone involved, its fun and exciting. Here’s a PDF to help you with some more ideas


And while you shopping you simply cant resist buying a little extra, head on back and pledge another box! There is no limit to the amount of boxes you can pledge, but please remember that if you pledge a box, you NEED to fill your pledge because nothing sucks worse than your pledge-kid being the only kid not getting a box… not even hair camel balls comes close to the level of suckiness!

You don’t have to spend a fortune on the boxes either. If you can only spend R100 awesome, if you can spend R200 a box – awesome. If you can spend R500 a box – I know a Ladybug that would love a box if you can spend R1000 a box, drop me a mail, I will give you my address for you to deliver it to… No seriously though, I think last year I spent R100/R150 a box, its all I could afford to do and they had awesome things in their box. It takes time shopping, some creative thinking, some good packing skills and you’ve made a kid smile the whole Christmas season.

So what you waiting for? Clickety Click Here and off you go!



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