Operation Humanisation: The Art of Communication

Ladybug has been developing in leaps and bounds lately with her talking, although she still won’t talk in front of strangers and has only recently started talking at school, she amazes me with her language ability.

Off the top of my head these are the words that are new for her:
Nanna – for bottle (don’t ask me, I don’t know)
Ta ta or Bye bye
Tan koo – Thank You
Dess oo – Bless you
Na ah or No
Baba – for babies and her teddies
Mamma’s Baba – for pictures of her (and my desk top picture on my dying laptop)
Sheesha – Hot
Shoe or Shoe shoe
Chuse – Juice
Der – There
I oh – I know
Wee wee – for this little piggy
Aleeesha – Alicia (her friend at school)
What dis/what dat? – Whats this?
Who dat/who dis? – Who’s that or Who’s this?
Mooo Mooo – Her nickname
Mommy – when she is cross with me (Mamma when she wants me or something)
My Mamma – followed by a HUGE hug
Banba – Panda (her uncle)

She is becoming a real human even more now, she understands you, can follow instruction (when she feels like it) and is generally quiet well mannered – she even said “tan koo” to the Sister yesterday when she got her vaccinations, and says “dess oo” to anyone that coughs or sneezes.

We even manage to have semi normal conversations, and she has learnt the art of convincing argumentativeness already (I see a lawyer in the making here).
Mommy: “Moo Moo that’s hot, please don’t touch it.” (Referring to the counter top grill)
Ladybug: “Na ah Mamma”
Mommy: “It is hot, please don’t argue with me”
Ladybug: “Na ah Mamma. Sheesha”
*put her hand out to feel the heat*
Ladybug: “Sheesha”

I got put in my place for sure! It wasn’t hot it was sheesha!

Im loving this stage of Ladybug’s life, there is less frustration on both our sides because we seem to be understanding each other and that makes the world of difference – and she is able to communicate with other people now too, not just me.



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