Ne Nerah Came to Visit

The last month has been filled with highs and lows; one of the highlights was Aunty Sarah coming to visit. Although she was due to come visit in August, the sudden passing of her Gran changed her trip to two weeks earlier than originally planned.

Ladybug loved having her Aunty Sarah here, and by the end of the 2 week visit Madam was quiet happily calling Aunty Sarah “Ne Nerah”. In fact when I picked her up from school on the Friday the first thing she asked in the car was “Ne Nerah?” and she was very upset when I told her that we weren’t seeing Aunty Sarah today, then out of nowhere there was a “Tata Ne Nerah” from Ladybug – almost as if she needed time to say her own goodbye.

You would think that after almost 30 years of friendship the goodbyes would be easier, but this time Ive missed Sarah something insane! But your visit has been captured by some amazing photos (thanks Tanya) . Until our next meeting my friend!

1149184_485259874897737_1500326606_o 981856_485259261564465_122230976_o 1090991_485260118231046_134781975_o 1085041_485260741564317_2083893280_o




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