If you could talk to one person from the past…

Often you get those Miss World questions, “Who from the past would like to talk to?” Beforehand I would have come up with arb person like Anne Frank – because she is inspirational – or Joan of Arc…. But I now have my set in stone answer.

Mabel Yolande Barry!!!

She is not a random person – in my eyes, she’s a flipping hero! She would be Marzi, my Great Grandmother. And she’s my hero because she raised my Gran.  While saying goodbye to Granny, I heard many many stories about her wicked sense of humour, her stubbornness, her brilliant mind, her intelligence and her filthy naughty mischievous laugh… and if a living person could be reincarnated into another living person, it happened with Ladybug and Granny.

I have a few questions for Marzi about how she raised Granny, and they would go along the lines of:

  • How on earth did you cope?
  • How do you get past the stubbornness?
  • How do you battle the strong will without letting her win every time?
  • How do you make her dumb? (Not that I want Ladybug to be dumb, I just don’t want her to be smarter than me because she’ll make me look dumb!)
  • How do you steer her on the path YOU want and not the path she is adamant in taking?
  • How on earth did you cope?
  • Again, how did you cope?
  • How did you survive the terrible twos before she was even two?
  • How did you win an argument?

Even Granny admitted a few times to people (which I found out on Wednesday) that Ladybug has her stubbornness. She definitely has her sense of humour, because trust me she understands you and then she lets out that filthy laugh, just like Granny did. I was also told that Ladybug is the splitting image of Granny in her younger days, she even has her smile. Im so glad I know where Ladybug came from, I guess there’s no denying the genes are strong with that one!



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