Saying Goodbye is Hard

This long weekend had been just that, long. I have been lost in my own thoughts, my own motion picture show in my mind. Reliving special moments, reliving childhood memories and reliving conversations, jokes, smiles and laughter.

On Friday afternoon, a remarkable lady decided that it was time she joined her husband, parents and brothers. On Friday afternoon, Woman’s Day, the oldest woman in our family drew her last breath. My Gran (Ladybug’s Great Granny) passed away just 10 days short of her 88th Birthday.

There are not many people out there who can say they met or knew their Great Grandparents, Ladybug has been fortunate in that she has met 3 of her Great Grandparents, and she saw Granny regularly (weekly). I was blessed to have met my Great Grandparents too! I have now entered into a new “rite of passage” in life. I have now moved up a tier in the grander scheme of things. Where my parents were some 30 years ago in saying goodbye to their Grandparents, I now find myself saying goodbye.

My Gran has always been a vital part of my life, she has influenced it in many different ways, from the Nursery School I attended (thank you Granny I met the most awesome person there), to Brownies and Guide Guides, years spend in the gardens and the pool at the Country Club, needlework, Church, to the High School I attended (for Grade 8) and so many more things. These were all because of her, and while at the time I may have hated been reluctant to be involved in some of them, I now appreciate it all.

Ladybug met Granny when she was freshly baked, she wasn’t even 24 hours old. All she was worried about was breaking her – this coming from a woman who has 3 Sons, 10 Grandchildren (11 if you include Nonny) and 5 Great Grandchildren. I’m still debating if it was such a brilliant idea Granny meeting Ladybug so young, because I’m sure she passed on her stubbornness, determination, wicked sense of humour and strong will onto Ladybug in that moment!

Granny watched Ladybug grow, she watched her start crawling, walking, talking and climbing – Ladybug loved climbing up onto Granny’s wheelchair and claiming it for her own! But two of my best and most favourite memories are Ladybug at the Country Club in Granny’s arms at 4 weeks old, in a dress that Granny made for me some 30 years before hand.


And the second, which is the last memory I have of Granny, is Ladybug sitting dead still (for a change) on Granny’s lap on Wednesday, playing Round and Round the Garden on her hand, then showing her the actions to Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. Her goodbye was a High 5 with a “Ta Ta” and a smile! I could not ask for a better final memory to have.

Wednesday we say our final Goodbye as a family, a day I honestly could do without in my life. But I will put on a brave face and say goodbye… You may be gone, but Granny you will never be forgotten. When the tears dry up, I will share some of my memories growing up with Granny.



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