Smacking the Bride of Chucky

There is much debate happening all over the interwebs on many different platforms, over the new proposed Law to be passed making spanking your child at home illegal. When I started out on this journey of motherhood, I had all these grand ideas as to how I was going to raise my child. I still have grand ideas of how I’m going to raise Ladybug, unfortunately sometimes her and I are not on the same page in life.

While growing up, we had familiar smacking implements in our houses, with my Grandfather it was the belt, with my Mom it was a shoe. I think it was more traumatic to be told “Go and pick a belt” or “Go and get my shoe”, lets be honest, you SHIT yourself at the THOUGHT of the hiding. And then you got it. Never once were we beaten as kids, we were never abused, sure there was a red mark on our bum for the 10 minutes directly after the hiding, but we were never bruised from our hidings. And trust me, when we got a hiding we had asked begged for it. We were no angels growing up, Ive said before Im sure murder crossed my Mom’s mind plenty times. But even though we had hidings and AAKs (Attitude Adjustments Klaps) , we have turned out to be pretty well adjusted adults, ok well Im pretty well adjusted – the jury is still out on Boom and Nonny!

I decided I wasn’t going to go the hiding route with Ladybug, I was going to do everything “Right” and do the naughty step – yes I have watched hours of Super Nanny. Ladybug has a strong will and she is stubborn as all hell. She started in the naughty corner/naughty step at the tender age of 7 months. That worked, for a while.

Then Bride of Chucky emerged from Ladybug! We whine and cry ALL the time. She sees it happening at school with other kids in her class and now thinks this is acceptable behaviour at home (and only during the week on the weekend my Ladybug is back). Her tantrums have escalated to a demon possessed level – we are at the back arching throwing ourselves on the floor stage of tantrums.

The naughty corner is not enough. Talking to her is not enough. Telling her she will go to the naughty corner if she doesn’t stop only results in her taking herself to the naughty corner. How are you meant to discipline a child if they take themselves to the naughty corner? There are only so many times you can take a child to the naughty corner before it loses its effect. Unfortunately I have had to introduce giving Ladybug a hiding. It’s the only thing that semi works at this stage.

Let me clear up something right now, I don’t smack her hard, never on a bare bum either and never without her begging for it. I talk, scream, shout, flick, naughty corner and then only do I smack (bare handed on her nappy). There isn’t even a mark on her bum afterwards (yes I have checked). I have never smacked her in anger, I rather close the door and walk out the room and leave her to scream blue murder than smack her at that point.

I am by no means justifying smacking Ladybug, but when Bride of Chucky is around; there is no reasoning with her. She is defiant, she is stubborn, and she is a demon – not even her Grandparents like her when she is like that, so you can imagine how bad she gets!

I don’t think this phase will last long – I HOPE this phase won’t last long – there are things that need to change from her side and my side and they are happening, it’s just a game of patience, waiting, grey hairs and insanity pleas when entering a guilty verdict for killing the Bride of Chucky. Hopefully this phase will be long gone when the law is passed, otherwise Ladybug better start saving now for bail!



2 thoughts on “Smacking the Bride of Chucky

  1. Marija jerkovic says:

    hehheheh it won’t be for long I promise you. I too have done the flick, smack etc and it works very well. She is at that stage where it is “lets test how far I can push mum!!” But you are doing awesome..

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