Junior Master Chef in the Making

One thing that has always stuck around in my memory banks is watching my Mom preparing dinner, with Aunty Nonny sitting up on the counter sampling all the things as my Mom got them ready. Anything and everything (barring the raw meat) was sampled, raw onions, veggies, salad goodies, grated cheese (my favourite to sample too), you name it!

I started doing the same with Ladybug. She sits on the counter as I prepare our dinner, and I let her taste everything that is going into our dinner. She loves it because she is “busy helping Mommy” and learning at the same time.

Saturday night we had homemade pizza and I decided it was a good time she started making her own food. So with a little guidance from Mommy, Ladybug made her own Pizza for dinner… I cant say that ALL the cheese landed up on the Pizza but it was a good effort!


By the time the pizza was cooking in the oven Ladybug was saying a new word…. “Pizza”



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