We Took a Little Walk

On Sunday there were a few (thousand) people that decided to take a walk through the suburbs of Emmarentia/Greenside. We decided to join them in Walk the Talk 2013. For years I keep meaning to register for it, and each year I only remember about it the day of the walk, but not this year, I managed to register in time and we were set!



Ladybug did as only a Madame can do while participating in Walk the Talk, she put her feet up and enjoyed the ride!


Walking through some of these streets bought back so many childhood memories, I cant tell you how many times we drove these streets to go visit our Grandparents, and now I was walking them with Ladybug.

This is the service road off Barry Hertzog by the Death Bends

This is the service road off Barry Hertzog by the Death Bends

We made it to the finish line, sans killing any crab walkers and people who don’t give a continental who don’t notice or see prams!


Ladybug did really well in finishing the walk, Im very proud of her!


We wont tell a soul that underneath her Snooze Shade she crashed as she got her goodie bag (still with a mini cheddar in her hand and the other half in her mouth) something tells me she was exhausted from the walk.


Me on the other hand, apparently I need to do the 8km next year because I didn’t break a sweat and I had too much energy afterwards… watch this space, we might just do that!

Well done to the organisers of Walk the Talk, considering the amount of people there, the traffic flowed, the place was well marked and you knew where everything was. The collection of medals and goodie bags went quicker than the refreshments at the halfway mark! Well done. To the walkers, you are disgusting (not all of you)… I mean really? What is so hard with taking the plastic water packet you just had in her hand and throwing it in one of the bazillion bins provided? Other than that, the day was awesome!



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