To Paed or not to Paed?

Hi, my name Cassie and I don’t take Ladybug to a Paed.

There… Ive said it. Shooo a weight has been lifted off my shoulders – ok not really. But before anyone calls the Mommy Police, hear me out.

I never went to a Paed and except for the irritating twitch in my neck that jerks my head side to side, and the random outbursts of laughter… no seriously, Im pretty normal even though I never went to a Paed. My local GP sorted out all my kiddie aliments and I survived. I have had some weird ailments, but nothing a few antibiotics, time off and Mommy love couldn’t fix.

I don’t see the hype about Paed’s to be honest. Our GP seems to be doing a fine job whenever Ladybug gets ill, she hasn’t been in hospital (touch wood) and well more importantly she is not Patient X who has to be put into isolation because she is going to infect the entire planet with her illness. She is still alive, which is always a bonus!

I have seen, heard and watched how the first words sprouted out of Mom’s mouths are “Take them to your Paed ASAP”. Silently I sigh very heavily then giggle.  What happened to just taking your child to the good old fashioned GP? Maybe Im missing the point here of Paeds, maybe we’ve been “lucky” or maybe Im just being sensible.

Ladybug has seen a Paed once in her life, and that was because she HAD to before they would discharge us from Baby Hotel. That Paed is also the only person that has ever told me that Ladybug is normal, and I made her repeat it because I never want to hear ever again that my child is normal – she is anything but normal… exceptional, yes… spethial, yes… but never normal.

I did a bit of research into this, I asked the Great Twitterverse Moms what they pay for a Paed Consultation… Brace yourselves… the average seems to be about R750.00/R800.00 per consultation – yes I know most medical aids cover Paeds, but there are some that don’t.

How ridiculous are those rates? Seriously? I mean really? Call me scrooge or tight fisted, but I rather go to our GP who is R400.00 (including medication), and its more than likely the same antibiotics that the Paed would prescribe.  Unless their script pads are gold infused ones specifically reserved for Paeds, I don’t understand how those rates can be so ridiculous.

I know this is quite a contentious topic and some Moms swear by Paeds and are more than likely judging me for not taking Ladybug to one, but then there are “Old School” Moms like me who put our faith in the GP and more than likely judge the “Paed Happy” Moms for only going to the Paed. To be honest, I don’t care who fixes Ladybug when she’s sick, as long as she is fixed and gets better – it could be the nurse at the clinic, the GP, or the Paed.

However IF – and its a big IF – I was guarenteed that Ladybug’s Paed was Dr Alex Karev,  I would be there every week just to say HI – just saying!







One thought on “To Paed or not to Paed?

  1. Cher says:

    I have only take Ethan to the paed once, because it seemed like “I had to” for a check up (according to society). When I arrived he took one look at Ethan in my arms and looked at me and said “Really, why are you here?” He said, “your baby is fine, next time trust your mommy instinct before you make another appointment with me”. How cool is that?? NOW thats a genuine paed! Pity I still had to pay, ha ha! – Cher

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