The Indoctrination has Begun

One thing I remember about my childhood was the endless family holidays to the bush with my Grandparents, my Grandfather telling us the African tales about how the animals got their markings and names, and the endless hours spent driving round the game reserves spotting animals. I remember us kids (my Uncle included) trying to convince my Grandfather that we could listen to music while we drove round the Game Reserve because it was cool… he didn’t buy it!

The adventures we had as a family were priceless, from Audi A4s being converted into 4x4s, combis being used as hiding places for a lioness in the middle of a hunt to finding out which goes faster, a car or an elephant separated from her young.  Aunty Nonny being obsessed with spiderwebs and making us stop for each and everyone. These are memories I will treasure forever.

I decided I would start the indoctrination with Ladybug from an early age. She already LOVES animals, so we headed off to Dikhololo for another girls weekend away. Needless to say she loved it. We went on an early morning walk and we got up close and personal with a few Impala and Zebra, she was very good and didn’t shout at the animals but rather said “Hellooooo” to everything we saw. She kept asking “Whats dis?” at nearly every tree or leaf or animal – like I was supposed to know!


When we went on our drive, she kept a look out for the animals, but I didn’t have the heart to tell her she was looking at the border fence and wasn’t going to see anything.

Game Viewing

She stood tall on the seat when she saw the Giraffe and tried to make herself taller than them, and kept say “oh oh” when she wasn’t getting to their height.


She drove for a bit and made me stop whenever she thought she saw something – she soon cottoned onto the fact that the car stopped each time she said “See Some” and then this became a game of note!


My heart melted when she saw the male Kudu standing there all proud, she looked at him for ages, she was in awe of him. She even tried to touch him. But then when I said it was time to go, she waved at him and blew him a kiss while saying “Ta Ta”.


Overall the weekend was an awesome one, and we will definitely be heading up there again soon!



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