Feature Friday: Grace Factory Social

Hi my name is Cassie, and I am a hoarder, especially of Ladybug’s clothes.  Im keeping them for you know….. number 2.  Although there will never be a number 2, it sort of involves a man and a whole lot of terms and conditions attached to it.   There are only so many outfits Baby can wear, so I can’t keep all her clothes for Baby.  So this past weekend I sat and sorted out her clothes.  Wow… I have only gone through some of them, but damn this child has a clothes shopping problem! But then again, its not too bad considering it is about 16 months’ worth of clothes I have kept for number 2.

I decided that there are far more number 2’s out there that could use Ladybug’s clothes.  So I sorted out and I still have a lot more to sort out, but this is the pile of pre-loved clothes that will be going with us to the Grace Factory Social this weekend.


So please, have a look through your sproglets pre-loved clothes and toys (or new is awesome too) and come drop them off at Jump n Play tomorrow.  If you can’t make it through and you have stuff to donate, pop me a message and I will gladly come and collect the stuff from you.




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