My (Im-Completely-Insane) Bucket List

Somewhere between insanity and the pitch dark that engulfed our holiday at Mount Amanzi, I decided that somethings were going to change. Things have changed, and things have started being done. One of the things I decided to do was to start working on my (Im-Completely-Insane) Bucket List. I have always had this goal that I was going to do the 94.7, the Midmar Mile and wait there was another one…. It wasn’t Comrades because I know Im not THAT insane, but hey it might have been. I wanted to do all these things before I was 35. With a number adjustment day looming closer – ok on Saturday to be precise – I figured I better do something about this  (Im-Completely-Insane) Bucket List because you cant just arrive at the starting line go “Howzit, lets do this”.

There is preparation that needs to be done, fitness levels that need to be increased so that you don’t actually die while doing these things. I decided to start off small, by doing little 5km races (read walks or crawls), to see if I live through these, and if I do, then in time they will be increased to 10km races (read crawls) and then with any luck I might get into a swimming pool and on a bicycle to get to “training” for my (Im-Completely-Insane) Bucket List.

Luckily, I have 2 partners in crime that will get me through these, one voluntarily (or should I say guilt laden to do this, one of those but Im *sure* we will live and if we don’t I will come to your funeral) and the other being Ladybug and quite frankly Im Mom and what I say goes… after all, she just needs to sit there like lady muck and get pushed in her pram, so why does she need a say!

So here are my near death experiences I have entered and for some reason believe we can actually finish them:


14 July 2013



28 July 2013


11 August 2013 (Basically every second Sunday of the month)


31 August 2013 (Pretoria)



8 September 2013


13 October 2013 (Johannesburg)


Wish me luck and look out for my obituary in the paper.



2 thoughts on “My (Im-Completely-Insane) Bucket List

  1. Robyn says:

    Haha! Good on you! I swam Midmar last year after 10 years! Was tough but I was very proud of myself! I started running with hubby about a month ago, so far so good! Good luck!

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