Things that go Bump in the Night

When Ladybug was little, and I mean a few months old, I was convinced she was afraid of the dark but doubted myself because how can something so small be afraid of something when she doesn’t even know what fear is.


When you ask the great interwebs of information (read Google) most article say a child becomes afraid of the dark between the ages of 2 and 7 because that is when their imagination runs wild. I recently giggled when I read on twitter how one of the Moms had to remove everything out of her son’s room that scared him before he would go to sleep, it’s a natural thing and at some stage all kids are scared of the monsters under the bed or in the cupboard or even behind the picture on the wall.

Ladybug isn’t afraid of those things, because although her imagination is well and truly developing now, I don’t think she knew what a monster was when she was a few months old. Her fear is of the dark. Im convinced that her fear of the dark is very closely linked with her FOMO (Fear of Missing Out), because in the dark you cant see whats happening.

Recently Ladybug has been terrible with her sleeping; waking up maybe 3 or 4 times a night, at first I thought it was because she was hungry, but she didn’t want her bottle. Then I thought it was because we had made the transition from Mommy’s bed to her cot, but even when she was back in my bed (yes I know, epic Mommy fail) she would still wake up for no reason. She would sob or scream when she woke up, so through process of illumination and near killing her, I started using her tortoise night light again. BINGO!! Jackpot!!! It worked. She would settle down again and go back to sleep, no bottle, no comforting, no kisses or hugs. Night light on = Ladybug asleep.


Her tortoise night light only stays on for 45 mins so when it switches off, we back to the darkness that scares her. If she was a robot and waking up at set times during the night, awesome! I would be able to time the switching on and off of the night light so that she didn’t get scared, but alas she isn’t.

Last night I found a lamp and had that on the whole night (under her cot to dull the light because I cant sleep with the light on) and hey presto the first time I heard her was 5am this morning! This has confirmed my theory, Ladybug is afraid of the dark. So now the hunt is on for a night light that is dull enough not to keep me awake at night, yet bright enough that when Madame opens her eyes while turning over she can still see the world.



2 thoughts on “Things that go Bump in the Night

  1. Corinne says:

    You are so lucky to have found something that works!!! I’ll definitely give that a try and you haven’t failed by having her in your bed. My not-so-little (almost 3year old) LO still creeps into our bed every night. Now that I have a plan (night light) maybe it will change for me too!

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