Girls and Boys are Different

There is something tranquil about driving through Greenside/Parkview/Westcliff area early on a winter’s morning, there are so many memories of my childhood that come rushing back as I go through this area. Saturday morning saw me driving through to The Westcliff to join Huggies® for breakfast and the launch of their Boys and Girls nappies.


Everything was pink and blue, Minnie and Mickey, Boys and Girls. The venue was stunning, the table decorations were awesome and the guest speaker – Tumi Morake – was hilarious. She gave us some words of wisdom about raising kids (like throwing out the milestones books) and some reality checks (like parenting is the art of distraction and that all parents really do enjoy the kiddies programs on tv, they stay on even when the kids are asleep – I know Im guilty of this one).



“We (at Huggies®) know that you know that little boys and little girls are different. From the moment you discover the gender of your baby, your dreams turn to either PINK or BLUE, no matter how much you try and avoid it! They wear different clothes, play with different toys and get up to all sorts of different kinds of mischief.

So why should their nappies be the same?

Huggies® understands that boys and girls are physiologically different too. New Huggies® Gold for Boys & Girls celebrates these differences with tailored absorption exactly where it’s needed – in the centre for girls and higher up for boys.

Huggies® Gold for Boys & Girls will be replacing Huggies® Gold packs and will be available in a bag and a Megabox.”

How adorable are these nappy designs?

And here you can clearly see the difference absorption areas for girls and boys:

The morning was awesome, the food scrumptious. I got to put faces to Twitter handles and Ladybug approved of her new Nappies. She marched off down the passage with her nappies to go show Granddad what Mommy had got her.

She was also very spoiled with a goodie bag from the event.


Thank you Huggies® for a wonderful morning!



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