Dance to the Rhythm of Your Heart

When you born into it, there is very little denying it! Our family is a family of dancers. I started dancing at the wee tender age of 3 and continued until 11 when I was ready to go onto points but back in the dark ages you didn’t go onto points until you were 13 (and to be honest I didn’t really like my dance teacher and the feeling was mutual).


Then Aunty Nonny started Ballet and she was really good at it. She danced with South African Ballet Theatre for their seasonal performance for the Nutcracker. Aunty Nonny continued with her dancing and went onto Points, she continued when they moved to Australia and only stopped 2 years ago when she started with TAFE.


Then you get Uncle Panda, who started a little later than Aunty Nonny and I, but he has done really well. He danced in the English Youth Ballet and he attended Tring Park where he majored in Dance and now he is a Professional Dancer, having just completed a run on one of the Costa Cruises.


Now with this kind of family background, who was I kidding when I said there was no ways Ladybug would be a dancer? I wasn’t going to encourage it, I wasn’t going to push it at all. In fact if she never did a dance class I would have been happy. If you going to dance at these levels and beyond, it takes hard work, dedication and commitment and that’s just from the parental units side forget the dancers side. I know the commitment that goes into being a dancer’s mom, I saw my Mom go through it with Nonny, and Im not sure I have that kind of commitment.

Ladybug on the other hand has different ideas. She is determined to be a dancer, she dances whenever there is music. Whether its in an advert, on the radio, a dvd or even if its music and sounds you make from your mouth – sometimes she even dances to the music in her head. She dances on her feet, she dances while sitting down and moving her body and when she is strapped into the car seat she dances by moving her head and arms in time to the music (hell she even dances in her cot while laying on her back, that bum and those legs are moving).


Ladybug was born with rhythm flowing in her blood and I cant deny that. I will support her and encourage her, and I am sure Uncle Panda and Aunty Nonny will push her to achieve greatness in her dancing.



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