Would you like some cheese with your whine?

I completely understand how or why mothers are driven to the horrific act of killing their children/babies by hitting their heads repeatedly against the wall until they keep quiet. I will lie to you if I say that this past weekend the thought didn’t enter my mind, several times – No I would never dream of acting out on it before anyone calls child services on me! This (long) weekend was L-O-N-G and boy was I glad it was back to school this morning, and so was Ladybug to be honest. She woke up this morning and her first words to me were “Teacher?” I told her that yes today was school to which she clapped her hands and said “Yay” – I can tell you I was doing flick flacks and cart wheels in my mind at the joy of school today.

The weekend from hell all started on Friday morning, 2am to be exact. It was one of those woken from the dead of sleep moments to the delightful sounds of Ladybug throwing up! After a bed strip, clothes strip, tears drying we managed to get some more sleep. I dropped her off at school and told them to call me if she was on her death bed or close to it – there was no temperature and no reason for the throwing up. By 10h30 I got an SOS from the school. Madame Ladybug has been whining and moaning the whole morning – all 3 hours of it – and they had already put her to sleep and she was still moaning. Each time they asked her what was wrong she lay down on the floor. So SuperMom put on her cape and flew to the rescue of Ladybug’s teachers. I whisked Ladybug off to the Doctor (confirmed Bronchitis and teething) then came back to the office, to which Ladybug decided to throw up all over my desk after she had answered her emails!


I figured it couldn’t get much worse than that! Boy was I wrong! The afternoon was spent holding a deathly sick child and watching her temperature climb and climb, it got to 39 at one stage. Although Ladybug was a hot water bottle turning into a sauna, she was quiet… I offered her a biscuit to try and keep some food down her and she was so deathly sick she didn’t even eat the biscuit, she just held it and fell asleep. She drifted in and out of sleep until the fever broke at 18h10. At least on Friday night I put a giggling smiling baby to sleep.


The sun rose on Saturday, and so did the devil child! She whined and moaned the whole day!!! And I mean the whole day. When she wasn’t sleeping she was whining, when she wasn’t whining she was moaning! Her teachers gave up after 3 hours the day before, but Mom had to suck it up and deal with it. I should have recorded myself and played the recording back to her because all I was saying was “Mommy doesn’t under understand you when you whine like that” or “Stop whining Moo” or “Enough now”. These words were repeated again and again along with “Im going to sell you to the gypsies”. I sounded like a stuck record the WHOLE weekend,  barring the few hours while at The Secret Garden!

I have said before that Ladybug is a bad teether, a really bad teether. She is was a puker with her teething, now she is a whiner with her teething. By Sunday morning we had bottom right Canine break the surface of the gum, by Sunday afternoon the bottom right Molar broke the surface of her gum and by this morning the top right Canine broke the surface. 3 teeth in one weekend… my nerves are shattered! I can honestly say that I will take my teething puker back any day, I can’t handle the teething whiner, my ears are bleeding. I hate seeing Ladybug suffering like this, but hopefully it will be over soon, then she can be on the pain free road for a while!



2 thoughts on “Would you like some cheese with your whine?

  1. Cindy says:

    At least the teeth are out. Vidal helped us so much but they seem to have stopped making it? I would sell my soul for some right now.

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