Just the girls, no one else!

We are humans, we judge (this seems to be the theme this week for me). We judge others without even knowing why or how. Hands up those that don’t judge anyone…. Thought so!

I judged my best friend Mr Jones last week… you know there’s just something, ok a lot, wrong with the fact that I get sent pictures of him in MY 6” Knee High Boots during work. Sometimes it’s better to just judge and not ask questions, because you might judge them more if you get the answers!

I do feel judged a lot as a Single Mom, sometimes it’s just the looks or it’s the comments, sometimes its good and sometimes it’s bad. This weekend was a good kind of judging. When we checked in on Friday they went through their standard questions “How many adults?” “How many children?” to which my reply was, “it’s just the two of us for the weekend”. The look of… well I guess you could say shock because I was away with just Ladybug. She then turned around after check in and said, “Good on you, enjoy your girls weekend”. This made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside and I walked away with a smile.

Again, the same thing happened when we went out for dinner on Saturday night. They automatically assumed there was another adult joining us, but made a fuss over the two girls during dinner anyway. Candle light, good conversation – who needs a bottle of wine to talk jibberish? All you need is a toddler – our dinner was good. Ladybug ate off my plate, I ate of hers, and we both came to the conclusion that food off someone else’s plate just tastes 100 times better! There was no awkward silence, there was tons of kisses and PDA, there were laughs and giggles and there was no uncomfortable moment when the bill came, Ladybug knew I had this one!

I am a Single Mom yes, I only have Ladybug. I don’t see why we can’t take part in family holidays, dinners and family outings. So what if our family is a little different, hell whose isn’t? I won’t put our lives on hold just because there is no male in our lives to go away with, or do something with. We can function without one – although it would be nice, just saying, for someone to bring me tea in bed. Our weekend was amazing, and we have another weekend booked in July, just the girls, no one else!



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