The Winds of Change are Blowing

This weekend away was amazing, except for the fact that Eskom lovingly decided that 3pm Saturday afternoon was an awesome time to switch off the power, plunging Mount Amanzi into darkness as the sunset.  The power was only restored at 8am on Sunday morning.


There is something about candle light, the hypnotic trance it puts you in, accompanied by the soft snoring of Ladybug and the gentle rattling purr of her chest – it got me thinking about allot of things. Do you know how long the night is when there is no power, no phone, no nothing… it is long and there is allot of time to think.

I was looking to recharge and refocus this weekend, to find a way forward to change what needed to change, to find out what we are going to be doing, to find our “right path” and with the help of Eskom, I think I have found it.

Keep a look out, there will be changes happening, and I will be blogging about them.



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