When Superhero Juices Run Low

The beginning of the year has been a little very rough for us. The wheels fell off the cart in our personal lives and we’ve been picking up the pieces slowly but surely but I cant guarantee that I will be able to put us back together 100% again, but then again, that might be an improvement in itself. I have had to adjust to having the best of both worlds in working half day and being a stay at home mom in the afternoons. As well as being a cook, a slave, a bottle washer and a student in the evenings.

Working half day has its advantages, and its disadvantages. The obvious advantage is that I get to spend more time with Ladybug and watch her learn and develop at the speed of light. The disadvantage is I don’t have the same battery installed as she does and mine runs out WAY before hers! She is busy, hell she is busy. And although she does play on her own, she has now got to the stage where we make believe play, so whatever baby and her drink and eats, Mommy has to drink and eat it too. Plus I can’t just let her play every afternoon on her own, there is painting and drawing that needs to be done, there is play dough eating playing that needs to be done and then there is the very important game of lets clean up that needs to be done – we don’t win on this one all the time.

One of the advantages in my life of working half day is that not only do I get to spend the quality time with Ladybug, but I can also spend quality time on my studies without feeling guilty. The results speak for themselves, and I have managed to obtain two diplomas with distinctions – YAY ME! Unfortunately I think I am doomed to be an eternal student though, because I love studying (I know weird right?) and when I get results like I did with these two diplomas I decide to carry on instead of just taking a break and leaving things be *sigh*

Its all a fine balancing act being a Mom, Employee, Student, Adult and Superhero and sometimes one or two of these areas get neglected.  This Superhero is running a little low on my super power juices and it’s time for a recharge! I have decided that we need a break from it all and this weekend will be our very first weekend away, just us, on our lonesome, just the girls. We not going to family, we not going to anyone that we know. We are spending the weekend up near Harties at Mount Amanzi. I am really excited and can’t wait!



One thought on “When Superhero Juices Run Low

  1. Cindy says:

    Awesome! It is so difficult to work half day, I face the same issue every day – but so worth it too. Enjoy your alone time together!

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