Come on Mom, suck it up!

This week has been a little on the painful side for me, physically painful (the joys of not having my tonsils removed when I was a little sproglet).  With the change of seasons, the cold mornings, hot afternoon, snotty noses and well general germ infestation during this time of year, its only expected that my sinuses went “Howzit China, Who’s your Mother?” and naturally with the sinus, my tonsils went “Howzit Bru, who’s your Daddy?”. And Bam, Tonsillitis.

Of course with this comes a nightly entertainment routine that leaves you exhausted in the morning. My nose is blocked, so I breathe through my mouth (often resulting in a huge drool patch – which is not a pretty sight), and then a sore throat develops, which results in coughing, which results in me waking up and waking up Ladybug in the process (she actually backhanded me on the chest the other night and told me “na ah Mamma na ah” when I woke her up coughing). When I am over the whole coughing thing and finally get back to sleep, I cant breath through my nose, so I breath through my mouth, which results in a dry and sore throat, which results in being unable to swallow, which leads back to the drool patch and so we go round and round the whole night.

During the day, its not so bad. I can breathe. But with that comes a new problem. With every inhale there is air that rushes down the back of my throat at gale force speed, over my really freaking sore tonsils, which leads to me wanting to swallow something to ease the dry pain, which results in a swallowing pain… and as you can see my body entertains me again during the day.

This got me thinking, I can quiet happily verbalise my pain, I can tell you exactly what is sore, how sore it is and make you feel sorry for me, and if that didn’t work I can tell the violin music to start playing in the background until you do feel sorry for me. Unfortunately Ladybug hasn’t got that far in her vocabulary yet – although it is growing day by day. So if I am feeling like this, then I can only imagine how she is feeling.

She has the lovely toddlers winter/teething glazed snot nose *shiver*, and the sinus, the cough and I can only imagine the throat. But to top it off she has her second molar cutting through and an eye tooth. So add to my pain and suffering and general bleghness, Ladybug’s mouth is sore because of stupid teeth. I heard somewhere that if an adult had to experience teething like babies do they would be hospitalised from the pain.

So I have decided to suck it up, put my big girl panties on and just deal with the pain I am going through because Ladybug (although a little ratty) is dealing with her pain quiet well and hospital free. So my new mantra for the day (each time I breathe or swallow) is “Come on Mom, suck it up!”



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