When fantasy becomes reality

I try allow Ladybug the ability to live in a fantasy world where her toys talk to her, she kisses them, hugs them, lines them up, pats them to sleep and she even makes them say “Mamma” and she picks them up and hugs them. I love watching how her imagination is growing. Allot of this imagination building, especially with her toys, I can only assume comes from Doc Mc Stuffin on Disney Junior – she’s a Doctor that takes the ouches away for the toys.

Ladybug is able to tell the difference between reality and fantasy, and reality and cartoons. When she watched cartoons on the ipad or played a game, she was quiet happy that it was a 2 Dimensional creation in front of her. However, when it came to skyping Grasshopper Granny, she knew that Granny was real and would spend 90% of the skype call looking at the back of the ipad for Granny. She knew there was meant to be more than just the 2 Dimensional being that was in front of her.

Yesterday I witnessed what happens when 2 Dimensional becomes 3 Dimensional – a living dancing being.

For my past life sins, Ladybug has been exposed to Barney (not by me I must add… I blame school 100% for this one). Yesterday we headed off to the MammaMagic show, and I diligently got tickets for Barney as well. I was still debating whether to actually go watch Barney or just ignore the fact that the show was on and figured that Ladybug would be none the wiser… that was until she spotted the huge poster of Barney and started pointing and saying BaBa and making sure I KNEW she had spotted Barney.

So reluctantly we went off to the Barney show… I mustered up all the enthusiasm in the world and figured I would give this a go. Well her eyes lit up when she saw there was Barney posters everywhere and we went from saying BaBa to actually saying Barney (I wept internally when that happened). She danced along with the warm up acts and was clapping along with them.

Then Barney came on stage…


Barney was alive, he was real. He was dancing on the stage and right in front of her. She stood on my lap with her mouth hanging open and totally gobsmacked that Barney was REAL! She managed 2 songs before deciding that this totally shifted her reality and was far too much for her little brain to handle (Tanya and I did a silent happy dance and were possibly far too eager to make a run for it).

My Darling Ladybug, Mommy can promise you this: I will never make your little world shift again like that, I will keep you away from seeing a REAL Barney. I won’t scar you for life by taking you to see another show. I can promise you that you will never have to endure Barney in our home; it will be a safe haven from Barney. Unfortunately I can’t promise that you won’t be exposed to it at school or other evil places in the world. So Ladybug you just going to have to suck it up (with Mommy) and accept that there are evils in this world like Barney.



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