There are Shoe Shoes and then there are Shooshoos

I love shoes, ok that’s a bit of an understatement. I LOVE shoes! I have over 100, I have allot of shoes. I did promise my Mom a while ago that I would stop buying shoes for myself, but I never promised her that I wouldn’t buy any for Ladybug!

I bought her first pair of Shooshoos at the MamaMagic Expo in October last year. I fell in love with them and I must have stood there for 30 minutes at least before I settled on these (as you can see they are well loved).


I firmly believe that every outfit needs the right pair of shoes to go with it and complete the outfit, and with ladybug’s Birthday dress sorted ages ago, what better place to go than Shooshoos to get her shoes. This turned into a semi nightmare with the postal strike and I ended up having to order another pair and get them couriered to me for her Birthday (the original pair only arrived in Joburg on the 22nd March). How cute is this pair?


With the Birthday shoes dilemma sorted, I waited patiently for the original pair to arrive. Once they arrived I was able to exchange them for another pair – a huge thank you to Kelly for being so understanding and accommodating during this time! How adorable are these shoes? They are new to the range and awesome for winter:


But I think the best cutest most adorable pair of shoes are the ones Ladybug got given for her Birthday ! Her first pair of real big girl boots! Don’t you just want to eat her up in these? They so warm and fluffy and she looks so grown up in them.

969519_460258747400106_137487711_n 69664_10152565223810472_1814612528_n

I only have one problem with Shooshoos, and that is my bank balance isn’t big enough to own every single design and style they have! I love their shoes, and ladybug loves them too. When I tell her to go get her shoes so I can put them on, I can almost guarantee you she will bring back the Grey ones or the Brown ones (sometimes she even starts trying to put them on herself!)

Pop on over to the Shooshoos website (here) and have a look at their awesome shoes, but I’m warning you, you going to fall in love with them.






P.S. This is NOT a sponsored post, I just really love Shooshoos.


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