A Park, a Camera and a Beautiful Soul

A few weeks ago I met up with Tanya from Butterfly Fantasies at a park, the objective for the afternoon was to take some photos of Ladybug and spend an afternoon chatting. 

The afternoon was beautiful, warm and sunny… the epitome of a Joburg Autumn Afternoon. Ladybug was on a completely different mission that afternoon, she was more interested in gate crashing other family’s picnics, chasing after the stray cat and including herself in catching a random boy’s rugby ball. Photos were nowhere near the top of her agenda that afternoon.

But WOW!!!!! WOW oh WOW!!!! The photos that did get taken were some of the most amazing photos I have ever seen of Ladybug. Tanya really managed to capture the essence of Ladybug’s soul, her beautiful, happy, wonderful soul. I have looked at these photo’s over and over again, and each time I have, I have fallen more and more in love with this creature of mine.

DSC_0053-15 DSC_0089-21 DSC_0091-23 DSC_0139-30

(Check out more photos on A Ladybug Photoshoot Page)

All I can say is thank you Tanya from the bottom of my heart! I loved the afternoon, and I absolutely LOVE the photos.



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