Mother’s Day for a Single Mom

Yesterday was Mother’s Day, twitter flooded with #mothersday messages, facebook was flooded with people wishing their Mom’s a happy Mother’s day – I even managed to tell my Mom she was one the best Mom’s I have – ok only Mom I have, but that’s a minor technicality – but what does Mother’s Day mean to a Single Mom?


Ladybug attempted to take me shopping (with my money) for a Mother’s Day present, but Mom (being me) got side tracked and bought her Wellies on the first attempt – in all fairness I had been searching for them for ages – and on the second attempt Ladybug got some tops because all her tops don’t fit her for some reason. So Ladybug’s Mother Day shopping was an epic fail on both accounts and as a result she didn’t buy me a present.

Sunday morning, I was woken up with a (snotty) slobbery kiss planted right over my mouth and nose, followed by a hug and a giggle. The ever amusing search for Mommy’s Tickle Dot followed the slobbery kiss, which was followed by some shrieks of laughter when Mommy found Ladybugs Tickle Dot instead. A kiss and Ladybug was off to go play in the play area while Mommy is resurrected from the dead. Some breakfast (made by Mom, being me) and off to church – the late service cos we took it slow in the morning – a quick visit at Mandi after church and some lunch at home before a snuggling nap on the couch. The afternoon was spent playing, dancing and watching Disney Junior. How was this Sunday, Mother’s Day, different to any other Sunday? We didn’t feed the ducks at the Dam because we went to the late church service, that’s the only difference!

When you a single Mom of a mini sproglet who is unable to make you breakfast in bed or a cup of tea in bed, Mother’s Day is just like any other day. The HUGE advantage to that is that EVERY day is Mother’s Day, and not just one day in the calendar!



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