No Sh*t you kidding right?

There are a few moments in life that you will remember for the rest of your life, be it good things or bad things. Things like first steps, first words, first smiles… those types of things. Those things make you all warm and fuzzy inside, they make you proud to be a parent. Then you get those things where you wish the world would just swallow you up right now!

Ladybug is advancing on her “Operation Humanisation – Talking” Programme very well. Very very well in fact, there are some BIG words coming out of her at the moment. Every day when I drop her off at school, I let them know what her new word for the day is, its generally something she said the afternoon before or started saying that day. And the same is repeated in the afternoon, when she has started saying a word at school. Except last Thursday…

The conversation went like this:
Teacher F: Mommy we said a new word today
Me: Oh really? What?
Teacher F: No Mommy, I don’t think we can tell you *looking at Teacher R*
Me: (said VERY loudly in my head – Oh sh*t, my child said f#ck.)
Me: Now really, what did she say?
Teacher F: *Having got the approval from Teacher R to tell me* S H I T
Me: (oh f#ck she said sh*t… wait she said sh*t and not f#ck, that’s a relief… no wait I make sure I don’t swear in front of her, unless she can here this conversation in my head… ok that’s just weird)
Me: oh right… ummmmm

*While changing Ladybug before we left, and racking my brain it dawned on me exactly WHAT she said*

Me: She didn’t say S H I T…. she said ssssshhhhhtttttt…. Because I moan at her when she wants to play at 3am and I tell her sssshhhhtttttt its still sleeping time!

(Somehow “be quiet Ladybug and go back to sleep” just doesn’t have the same impact as “SSSSHHHHHTTTTTT its still sleeping time” at 3am in the pitch dark.)

Oh and I forgot to mention that this incident happened in front of the Principle’s daughter, so you can be guaranteed the Principle knows that Ladybug “swears”.  How can I possibly look at her again without judging myself or bursting out into laughter?

Now, I have to be extra vigilant when I say things to her, because she is like a sponge at the moment and recalls everything and then at random times blurts it out.

Some of our BIG words vocabulary now consists of:
Ssssshhhhttttt (NOT sh*t)
Delly Duttin (for Belly Button)

Im going to start writing down all the words she says because each day there is a new one and I can actually understand her… Although she still keeps telling me Boytoo (repeated) and I don’t know what that means….



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