Operation Humanisation – Talking

It’s the little things that I have noticed lately that make me stand back and I can’t believe what I am hearing coming from my baby Ladybug.

We can now have limited conversations and they make sense not just mumble jumble babble. The other night the conversation went like this:
Mommy: Should we go bath?
Ladybug: Ja *with a stern nod of the head*
Ladybug: umm (come) *puts her hand out and leads me off to go bath*

She had a long conversation with Cosmic Creepers (our cat) on the way to the vet the other day, and that went like this:
Cosmic: *meow*
Ladybug: Ja?
Cosmic: *meow*
Ladybug: Naana?
Cosmic: *meow*
Ladybug: meow
Cosmic: *meow*
Ladybug: meow
Cosmic: *meow*
Ladybug: No-no
Cosmic: *meow*
Ladybug: Ja *with firm head nod*
Cosmic: *meow*
Ladybug: Kay! Ta-ta *wave*

This conversation reminded me of Aunty Nonny and her talking to animals. I had visions of Ladybug following suit. She was very concerned at the vet and wouldn’t leave Comic’s side. I may have a little Doctor Doolittle in the making.

There was also the blackmail/bribery incident last weekend, which makes me wonder if woman aren’t born with craft for negotiation, and getting things their way:
(I had a small rubbish bag in my hand while I was cleaning up)
Ladybug: Ta?
Mommy: No, you can’t have it.
Ladybug: Ta? *hand going out*
Mommy: No its rubbish like you are, you can’t have it
Ladybug: *cheeky giggle* *kiss* and a *hug*
Ladybug: Ta? (thinking that she gave me a kiss and hug she can have it now)
Mommy: No, its rubbish it must be thrown away
Ladybug: *grabs packet and runs away giggling* Kay!
Only for me to find she had run to the big rubbish bin in the kitchen, she was trying to put the bag in there!

One of these days we will have a full on conversation, and I cant wait!!



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