Mind your Peas and Qs

There are some days I want to rip my hair out when it comes to Ladybug and food or should I say the complete and utter lack thereof. She has never been a BIG eater, but she would eat and eat just about anything I gave her to eat. Until we turned 1, or actually when she could see her first birthday(s) on the horizon, she became a picky eater – and picky in the very truest form, it if cant be picked at or picked up in her fingers, don’t even try!

There are days where all she will have will be one or two bites of something, half a yoghurt and yip, that’s about it (excluding her bottles). I am convinced her bottles are whats keeping her going because there is no ways something or someone THAT busy can survive on less calories than a stick thin super model consumes in a day! But she is growing (rapidly) and putting on weight, so I am not really too concerned. She will never starve to death, she is given meals but she chooses not to eat them, and I am not going to make an issue out of it and force her to eat, she will eat when she is hungry.

The other night, I decided I was going to help her along, and TRY feed her 2 minute noodles with peas and cheese, well it was the funniest thing ever. She would take a mouthful, no problem. She would eat the noodles, no problem and she would eat the cheese, no problem. But somehow in her mouth (while closed and eating the noodles and cheese) she skilfully managed to clean the peas and politely spit (let them drop) out her mouth before opening up for the next mouthful. The more I tried to disguise the peas, the more she continued this, until I was in a fit of laughter and actually couldn’t feed her anymore. She then ate the whole bowl of noodles and cheese on her own, all that was left behind was the peas!

So we officially have a food we don’t like…. Peas!!!

(And chocolate – yes I did try give her a marshmallow Easter egg on Good Friday, but she took one bite and promptly spat it out in the same manner as the peas. Now what kind of mother would I be to force my child to eat food she doesn’t like? So all the chocolate can now go to me!!!)



One thought on “Mind your Peas and Qs

  1. The Blessed Barrenness says:

    Ava is also a picky and birdlike eater! However peas are her favorite foods!!! She LIVES on them!

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