Its a Loooong weekend

I have been terrible at blogging lately, I know! There has been so much happening and so many things going on that I actually don’t know where to start. I promise I will make an attempt at catching up on the adventures of Ladybug and I during the long weekend, however, I intend to not tell Madame it’s a long weekend.

Ladybug has this uncanny ability to get sick whenever there is a long weekend. This last weekend past, we were meant to go on an adventure to Slaap Stad, but that was firmly cancelled when I picked Ladybug up from school on Wednesday afternoon. An hour later, after her throwing up three times and dry heaving, we were at the doctors rooms being told she had Measles and Bronchitus. Great! Happy long weekend Mommy!

So we stayed at home and dealt with the spots and visited the physio for her chest and now we on the road to recovery, we are spotless but we still sound like Darth Vader in the mornings, although the Dragon (Nebuliser) is working wonders!

Now the question is what to do this (non) long weekend. It’s Easter, which has a mixture of emotions for me, some good memories, and some bad. Unfortunately the bad memories are of Easter Saturday many moons ago; as a result I either stay locked in my house on Easter Saturday or Im not in Joburg for the Easter weekend. This year, I will be locked safely inside Fort Knox.

There are a couple of things happening this weekend that I really want to get to do, hopefully they can be done on Friday, Sunday and Monday.

The Geek in me needs feeding, and what better place to feed the geek-soul than at the Exclusive Books Warehouse Sale. R50 per kg of books!!!! Heaven!!! Last time I went, I managed to get 1 book for me and about a zillion for Ladybug. She loves books, so somehow I see this time going the same way.
Exclusive Books

There is also the Easter Bunny happening at Serendipity. Unfortunately its on Saturday, so we wont be going, but if you have little ones and want to see take them to see the Easter Bunny, I highly recommend Serendipity!!!

There is also the Irene Easter Market happening on Saturday from 9am – 2pm (again we wont be going). This is an awesome Market, home made unique things. Like the good old fashioned markets, or the old fashioned church bazaar. Just make sure you have your Afrikaans to English transmitter switched on because you will need it!

So that still leaves me questioning what we going to be doing? Well there wont be an Easter Egg Hunt, because of the whole Ladybug and no chocolate/sweets things, but I think a picnic is in order at the Botanical Gardens!! And of course catching up on blogging, so stay tuned!

Happy Easter to all our Christian Friends, don’t eat too much Chocolate.






P.S. This is not a sponsored post, this is a few things that I have seen happening in and around Joburg this weekend that I think are awesome!


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