Im a Boxer Baby

Blood noses…. Weekly cut lips…. Facial bruises…. Facial roasties…. Anyone would think Im describing a boxer, fighter or some random thug, but no, I would be describing my angelic little GIRL!

My little adrenaline junkie is a tomboy! The only reason know she is a girl is because Mommy dresses her as a girl… There is no mistaking that this is a girl:


At least once a week I pick Madame up from school and she has a bruise on her forehead or a cut lip, or there is a note like this on her book:


Its part of growing up, the bruises, the bumps and the scraps. The thing is it doesn’t just happen at school. This weekend alone, my little adrenaline junkie tomboy managed to fall down 2 stairs while trying to negotiate her way down. Then there was the bed issue, she didnt want to listen to Mommy and go to sleep, so I walked out the room, she decided it was a good time to carry on doing downward facing dog on the bed, but she missed the bed and planted her face on the floor, earning herself her first roastie! This didnt stop her or slow her down on the bed the next morning, again she was a hooligan on the bed!

Tonight, my adrenaline junkie tomboy has gone to bed looking like a child boxer, because we now have a thick lip to add to out weekend war wounds


I think Im going to have to keep her wardrobe pink and keep her hair long otherwise no one will believe me when I say Ladybug is a girl. I love my adrenaline junkie and I love the fact that she has no fear and tries everything, but I would like a few less cuts, bruises and roasties on the journey.



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