Check the Bog Bowl!

Having a walking, babbling toddler is wonderful. Ladybug plays independently, sometimes she plays with me and then sometimes I get worried!


As an eerie silence fills the room, where once there was soft babbling, the odd squawk and shriek, my Mommy senses start going into over drive. I go dashing around the house to find out where she is and what she is up to. I find her sitting on the step pulling the magnets off the fridge…. *shoo* I made it this time before devastation and destruction were sprawled across the house.

I take Ladybug back to her play area, only to discover later, that she has nicely unpacked the compactum ALL over the bedroom floor and she decided that a nappy belongs in the toilet, along with the empty toilet roll and spoon…. here she was caught red handed about to deposit a full roll of toilet paper!


How the hell??? She was only quiet for a minute! I swear she turns into Usain Bolt when she’s on a mission, that is the only way to explain her ability to get everything done!

This is not a once off, haha funny, or aaawww cute occurrence in our house. This is a daily thing! Sometimes Im able to fish out the Bog Bowl Swimmers before they go all mushy, and sometimes I only discover what she “posted” in the Bog Bowl when we get home from work and that is a whole other story (Ladybug lifts the lid and posts stuff in the toilet).

So far our “Bog Bowl Swimmers List” looks like this:
NEW roll of toilet paper
Mommy’s Nail Polish
Mommy’s Bracelet
A few empty Toilet Rolls
Countless Clean Nappies
Empty Cardboard Wrapping (which she has fished out the dustbin and posted in the toilet)
A Troll
Nappy Plastic Bags
Spoons and forks
A few balls – some float, some don’t!
Fridge Magnets – Including a lady before with a new set of clothes

Its like a treasure hunt in our house, what is Mommy going to find where when Ladybug has gone to bed? But there is one lesson I have learnt… ALWAYS check the Bog Bowl!



One thought on “Check the Bog Bowl!

  1. Helga Rapacz says:

    Eeek!! Thats absolutly crazy!! And fun for her, but soo not fun for you! Yuk!
    Sebastian had a thing for the toilet brush! nasty…
    It will be fun telling them theses stories at their big parties or Wedding LOL Pay back! teehee 😉

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