The Start of Lent

I don’t claim to be the most religious person in the world, I am christened Anglican, I do attend a Pentecostal Church (once or twice a year – this must change), and I do believe in God. There are some days that I treasure more than others in the Christian calendar for my own reasons. Today is one of those days… Ash Wednesday. This marks the 40 days before Easter Celebrations start, it also marks the start of lent.


While I was growing up I always used to TRY give up chocolate for lent, which would last about 3 days. The first Saturday into lent and I was off the rails! I remember trying to convince my Mom, or maybe it was the teachers, that I LOVED school so much I thought that giving it up for Lent would be a challenge and directly in line with the meaning of lent. Unfortunately no one really bought into that!

This year, I think I will give up chocolate again…. Wait I have curly wurlys in my house, and a birthday party (or 3) happening. Maybe I should give up…. Mmmmm….. ok this requires some thought.

I wonder if I could convince Ladybug to give up swimming for lent, or Mac and Cheese. Or maybe give up Shrek… I like that one the best. Let me see if I can convince her that her world will not end if she gives up Shrek for the next 40 days! Yes she is that much of a Shrek addict!

Enjoy lent everyone and remember there are only 40 days left before kids overdose on chocolate and live on a sugar high for days on end!




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