Party Planning Tips

My bit of advice, for what its worth, when planning a kiddies birthday party is: Cancel the birthday! Oh Lordy (thanks Aunty Sarah I’m “stealing” your phrase), this has turned into a mammoth task. Ladybug will be having 3, yes 3 birthday parties, spread over 2 weekends.

Party 1: The Looney Friends Party
The first, being the main birthday party, is with friends and their sproglets. And while this may seem like a simple task, we have had to change the date already because the first time too many people couldn’t make it. So now it is the Saturday before her birthday. My poor poor Ladybug will be subjected to my caring insane looney friends, that’s not too bad, but they will all be in the same place, on the same day at the same time. What on earth was I thinking? I must have been smoking something when I thought this was a good idea! At least I know there will not be a dull moment, and a few might just have to be checked into nice little white padded cells at the end of it, right after I have checked myself into it for a nice relaxing rest.

Party 2: The Little Miss LPP Party
Ladybug is officially dubbed Lille Miss LPP at School, so how can I possibly let her go to school on her first birthday, and not provide a cake for the school? Luckily that’s all I am doing for this party. Im going to entrust Teacher Kirsten to take photos for me, because Mommy has to work to fund these celebrations. The thing is what do I say on the cake? Happy 1st Birthday ….. then there are about 5 names that the school calls her, right from Moo, Moo Moo, Itsy, Bitsy… But it has to be a sugar free cake as well, because Ladybug still doesn’t eat sugar and how cruel will that be to send a cake to school for her and tell her she cant have any?!?

Party 3: The Ballgown and Tiara Tea Party
Some families this is the Cake and Tea, or Koek en Tee, this is happening the Sunday after Ladybugs Birthday. This is with the family. They need to be part of the celebrations, and I don’t think it’s right inviting them to the looney friends party because they not 100% sane to start off with, and really I am thinking about the staff at Tara here, really I am!

Seeing there is nothing normal about Ladybug, why on earth would her birthday celebrations be normal? I mean we had Christmas spread over 6 weeks, why not spread her birthday over 2 weekends? I really cant wait to start the celebrations, because then the end is in sight!

Next year Ladybug will be having a Chop en Dop party, bring jou Chop en jou Dop! Its far easier!!!



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