“Mommy please make it go away”

Let me be honest here, when I am feeling sick or just not well, I want my Mom. Yes, still to this day. All 30 something years young of me, I still want my Mom. Mom’s just have that healing hand, they just make things better quicker than any doctor can. Sometimes they heal a physical illness, like migraines, colds and sprains and sometimes they heal broken hearts, shattered dreams, or bruised egos – the ailments that no doctor can fix.

Last night, for some arb reason, Ladybug decided to break out in a fever. No explanation for it, no reason for it, she just decided that last night was a good time to have a fever. So after stripping her down, washing her with a cool facecloth and giving her something for the fever, she came to Mommy’s bed – the best place to keep an eye on this nasty fever. She never sleeps on me, not even close, but last night she was climbing on me and wanted to sleep on my chest again. She wanted Mommy to fix it and make it go away.

So after a long night sleepless night for Mommy on the couch (it’s the only way she can sleep on me without falling off), and a ton or two of sweat from Ladybug, the fever was gone this morning. Just as quickly as it arrived, it was gone. (still no reason for it). Mommy made the fever and the nasty sickness go away!

I think it is something that is genetically built into us from a young age, something that never goes away. It doesn’t matter how old, big, ugly or obnoxious we get, we all need Mommy to make it go away – and it works the other way round too. Mommies have this need to make their children feel better.

So to my Mom, thank you for always making me us feel better, even to this day, you still trying to make us feel better when we not 100%.



One thought on ““Mommy please make it go away”

  1. Lauren says:

    I completely agree!

    When I was younger I remember my mom would always let me sleep in her bed, she would sit with me, cuddle me and give me apricot juice and everything would be alright.

    Glad your Ladybug is better today 🙂

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