I want my baby back

I didn’t believe anyone when they told me to cherish the baby days and that I would miss them. Madame wasn’t a difficult baby at all, quiet the opposite, she slept through from 3 weeks, never had colic, only had nappy rash until I discovered she was allergic to bum cream since then we been home free. Sure her teething leaves much to be desired and her motion sickness is right up there next to the teething.

But then just like that, my baby was a toddler…. A loving, talking, walking, independent, intelligent, strong willed toddler before her first birthday.

The other night I had her in a baby grow to sleep and looking at her laying there in the cot, she looked like my baby girl again not my terror toddler and last night for some arb reason she had a bad night, she wanted me to rock her to sleep and hum to her like I did when she was tiny… And that made me realize just how much I miss my baby. I loved her falling asleep on my chest at nights, or allowing me to hold her and snuggle her as long as I wanted…. Now that has been replaced with a foot touching me while she drinks her own bottle before bed and she decides when she will give you loves and kisses.

Cooing and babbling have been replaced with contemplating silence, laughter and talking…. We have new words in our vocabulary which include “up” and “again”. She knows that “ta” works both ways for giving and taking and she KNOWS what “a-aah” is and has no problem telling me “a-aah” when I ask her to do something different to what she is doing!


I love the little person Ladybug is becoming at a very rapid rate, and I love seeing new developments on a daily basis…. But I also want my baby back, just for a few more years!!



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