We on our way with our adventure

2013 is our new adventure year, my focus is on Madame and spending more quality time with her. Watching her grow, helping her grow and making memories with her. Today was as good a day as any to start our new tradition, Saturday mornings are our family outing mornings. With playgroup now being in a Thursday afternoon, it means we can do family outings in a Saturday morning.

This morning we packed up everything and headed off to Serendipity. We arrived bright and early for breakfast. Madame had an absolute ball. There was so much for her to see and do, I don’t think she quiet knew where to start.

Balls, sandpit, trampoline, slides, houses… Ladybug was in heaven.


Next thing ta da Madame Ladybug had transformed into Princess Ladybug. Waving her wand and loving the dress up gear. She lost the wand at some stage, but the crown stayed around for a while, braving it through the ball pit and the trampoline.



On our way home Madame had passed out before we even got to the end of the road… I think we can mark the start of our new family outing tradition as a huge success. We will definitely be back there!



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