2012 you ROCKED!!!

As 2012 draws to a close there are a few things that stand out over the last year (besides the obvious).

2012 taught me patience.  I waited, and I waited and I waited to meet Madame.


2012 taught me to love beyond my possible imagination, love without conditions, love without expecting something in return.


2012 taught me to appreciate little things that we take for granted like

(First) Smiles and laughter


Simple tasks like sitting and standing

Foto Friday

Little movements like crawling


And then huge milestones like walking


2012 taught me that there are many languages, made up ones that only Madame and I understand.  And there is a language of love that melts your heart.


2012 saw my parents become Grandparents, and amazing Grandparents at that.  It saw their role in life change and it has been awesome to watch them al grow into their “new” roles in life.  They have all supported me tremendously, and Madame has been fortunate enough to meet both her sets of Grandparents


2012 also saw my Grandparents become Great Grandparents.  Madame is very fortunate to have 3 Great Grandparents.  Great Granny saw her and held her when she was brand spanking new, freshly baked and not even breathing for 24 hours.  Her other Great Grandparents had to wait a little longer, but to see the joy in my Grandfathers face when she put her arms out to meet him was worth the wait.

Great Grandparents2012 also saw old traditions being carried on, and although Gramps thought I was joking, it meant more to me than he will ever know him putting on the Father Christmas Suit and being Santa to Madame on Christmas Day.


These are just a few of the many many many moments I have experience in 2012 and they have been truly amazing, even all the puke covered ones.  2012 has been breath taking and I know that 2013 will be even more amazing… we have a first birthday, a new adventure, a road-trip and so many things planned that I cant wait to experience them all with Madame and the people in our lives.

Thank you 2012 for Rocking… Bring on 2013 and more awesomeness!!!



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