42 1/2 Weeks

42 ½ weeks ago, I was 42 ½ weeks pregnant with Ladybug and she had to be served eviction notice twice. Now today, Christmas Eve, Ladybug is 42 ½ weeks old.

Madame went from this tiny little creature that lay helpless on my chest to a hooligan angel who is walking (officially as of today). So many things have happened in this short time period of time, and sometime I still have to pinch myself and realize that I really am a Mommy and Im not dreaming all of this. I cant wait for the next 42 ½ weeks and the 42 ½ weeks after that either!


From tomorrow onwards Madame you on your own – uncharted waters – you would have been breathing on your own for longer than you were cooking in Mommy’s tummy!


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