This is the final boarding call…

You know those people that you look at with a beady eye when you climb on the plane.  The thoughts rushing through your mind are “OMG its ANOTHER screaming kid”.  Those people that no one wants to sit next to or that you eye out the entire flight and judge just how bad their parenting is.  Well, I joined the ranks of those people.

I would like to refer to our flight over as the flight of hell.  Not only did Ladybug already get car sick on the way to the airport, but we managed to be on our last set of clothing (having breezed our way through the other 3 with ease) only 2 hours into the flight.  Mommy had already changed and we had no more oopsie cloths left, I was at that point where either I sucked it up and brushed off the judging looks or I crawled up into the feotal position and rocked myself away to never never land.

Thankfully, no rocking was required because Madame decided to sleep the rest of the way and only wake up an hour out of Sydney. Bless her soul, she must have known that Mommy was close to ejecting her from the plane – I promise you, one more tempertantrum and I would have done that, no questions about it or even a second thought!

I do half blame Qantas though for her temper tantrum – seriously… you have a baby meal for a baby, and generally when you dish out the Toddlers dinner (30 mins before the adults) surely you should, I dont know, give out the baby’s meal at the same time so that the baby can eat and go to sleep while the adults eat?  Just a thought Qantas, use it dont use it… but 21h00 is NOT the time to decide to bring a baby their dinner! And as for bottled water, 1 bottle per passanger? Seriously? How am I meant to make her bottles to drink? Lesson learnt and rant over!

We arrived in Sydney, a little greyer, nerves a little more shattered but we finally were here!  Granny and Grampa (he’s not an Oupa, he’s more of a Grampa) were waiting for us.  Tears flowed, except these were happy tears and well my tears frankly were relieved tears, then anxious tears because I get to do the flight of hell again in 3 weeks time (hopefully a little more prepared else she will get the tequila instead of water in her bottle).

We have made it through the flight, we have made it through our first night, with Madame only waking up from 01h00 – 03h00 (not too bad considering the time difference) and now we are ready for our Australian adventure!  Today, we go to the Dubbo Zoo for show and tell – Granny will be doing the show and tell to all her friends… “Look this is my Ladybug, isnt she too adorable”.

Well mates, thats all for today – have a G’day!



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