The end of a chapter but the beginning of a new adventure

Today is the last day of work for 2012, and with that a chapter closes, but there is a new adventure that awaits us next year. On one hand this has been a very easy decision, and on the other a very difficult decision for me to make. From January 2013 I will be working half day and I am quite excited about it. I only wish my full day salary came along with my new half day “promotion”.

Working half day means that Ladybug only goes to school half day (currently she is at school for over 10 hours a day) and it means I get to spend the afternoons with her. I get to see those little developments that her teachers are seeing at the moment, before I am. I get to balance a working life and a Ladybug/Mommy life. It also means that I don’t need to cram “Us” time into a 2 day weekend. I also get to be with her and play with her for more than an hour a day – sleeping time doesn’t count because you can only stare at her for 15 mins while she is sleeping before falling asleep yourself.

Unfortunately there are huge cons to this. It means my bed time will be shifting from 22h00 or there abouts, to 19h00. Man oh man Ladybug is busy and trying to keep her entertained stimulated and interactive is tiring. Does anybody know where they hid the energizer batteries in babies? I need a set of those, or even ones that allow me to recharge to full strength when I close my eyes for 10 minutes.

I am anxious about next year I am not going to lie, but I feel I have made the right decision for Ladybug and me. I was fortunate enough to have my Mom around every afternoon and every school holiday and I honestly believe that made a huge difference in my life. I can’t give Ladybug school holidays, but I can give her my afternoons. Without the amazing support structure I have, there is no ways I would have been able to take this leap out into the unknown, and I just want to say thank you. You have no idea how much it means to me.

2013 is going to be an awesome year (I didn’t think I could top 2012), spending more time with Ladybug is worth more than any amount of gold or silver (or Randela’s for that matter). Im looking forward to it and cant wait to start this new adventure with Madame.



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