Freak out time!!!

I don’t have freak outs often, but every now and then I realise exactly what is happening and that brings on a freak out session. So let me just freak out and say this:

I write exams in 6 weeks time.

Somewhere in January this year, I thought I was a super hero. I thought I was invincible and I was under the illusion that maternity leave was a time off and unnecessarily forced leave. I thought I would have all this free time on my hands, seeing as all a baby does is eat and sleep. I thought I would be able to do the whole work full time, single mom and correspondence student thing.

I did at first, acing a couple of distinctions for my subjects – I discovered I was semi intelligent only AFTER I left school. Or maybe I was intelligent during school, but never bothered to apply myself and somehow managed to pass without much effort (in fact I only got my English file back from my English Teacher’s class 5 months AFTER I had matriculated). I got exam admission and that was about the time I closed the text books, tight, not to be opened again – I don’t even know if I know where all my text books are!


And there is no ways Im going to have the time this week to even think of opening my text books. Im sure I can make the time to find them, but that’s as far as we are going to get. I will be packing them into my suitcase and trekking them all the way across the ocean in hopes that while enjoying time with the family over Christmas, I will be able to at least pretend to open them and look at them.

OMG I write exams in 6 weeks time.

Right now, I think I can kiss those 3 distinctions goodbye. I will be quiet happy with a pass at this point in time.



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