Who is it for really?

In a few months I will be attempting something Ive always dreamed of,  I will don on my party planner hat and go wild.  After all it will be a huge achievement for Ladybug to get to her first birthday, it means I haven’t killed her yet (although there is still time for that). I have had grand ideas like those seen in My Super Sweet 16, but there is one problem with that, I don’t have the bottomless bank account. So I have cut back and cancelled the order for the pony, the real live unicorn, the life-size sleeping beauty castle and a few other small things. Unfortunately that means Im back to step one in the party planning.


Now the question that really needs to be answered is who exactly is the 1st Birthday party for? Do we make the day about me and celebrate the fact that I have made it through the first 365 days with a few shattered nerves, new grey hairs, endless patience and somehow made my heart grow to a size I never knew existed? Or do we make the day all about her?

I think Im going to hi-jack this party. After all she is still too little to remember right? Sure we can pose the odd photo here and there with illusions of grand gesture and she can believe it was for her. A few empty boxes and a couple of reams of paper should do the trick in the present department – she is a simple child and it doesn’t take much to make her happy.


I could never do that to her! I am hoping to make her first birthday something amazing, and while it seems silly even considering this now when she is only 9 ½ months old, we have Australia, Christmas and my Exams all happening before her Birthday. When we are over those three things it will be 4 weeks till it’s her Birthday and THAT is the scary part.

I can’t wait to get the creative juices flowing and see what will suit her little personality and what she is into at that stage – right now as long as there is paper she is happy. Im sure it will be ok to have a quiet little get together of no less than 100 of our closest friends and family at our house, nothing too big, nothing too small.

Let the party planning commence!



One thought on “Who is it for really?

  1. The Blessed Barrenness says:

    The first birthday party is all about the parents.
    Ava’s first birthday was hugely extravagant and cost more than what some people spend on weddings, but I didn’t care. I could not believe that not only was I finally a mom, but I was the mom of a one year old.
    Go wild and have fun! There are plenty of birthdays in the future to be all about her!

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