41 days of Christmas

This year we having an nontraditional Christmas – although it does bring back Christmases of my childhood, and I’m sure many children from Divorced homes have experienced this. We are having two Christmases, one on the 25th December in Australia and the 10th January in South Africa.

Ladybug’s first Christmas started on the 2nd of December where we put up the tree in Gan Gan’s house. She is fascinated by the lights and will come and sit on my lap and just watch them. Thankfully she hasn’t discovered that the presents under the tree are wrapped in paper (Paper is our new thing, we sniff it out and eat it).


Ladybug has been getting presents already. She got her first car from Gan Gan, a girlie pink and purple Jeep – Im sure its all part of the ploy to make me extremely grey and get her walking early. She absolutely loves it, both pushing it and sitting on it honking that horn. Thank you Gan Gan for spoiling her already.


Then her biggest present and spoiling came this weekend (well it was MY bestest Christmas present). Aunty Nonny arrived from Australia!!!


Ladybug got her first Koala Teddy, a Qantas Pilot and I have told her that he is going to fly the big aeroplane when we go to Granny (this poor child is going to grow up disturbed with a warped sense of reality) Im sure if Nonny had a bottomless pit of finances, she would have bought the whole of Cresta for her Baby Girl, but she managed to stop at these super sweet Frog Pjs, which Madame loves!


One thing that having Aunty Nonny here this weekend showed me was that Ladybug does not like change. I have seen it at school, where they have bought in new babies and she has played up at home, but I didn’t really think too much of it until this weekend. She really does not like change to her little world at all. She was impossible (great show for Aunty Nonny), very very whiny and tearful – so not like her at all! She is also very jealous. When Nonny was near me or sitting on my lap, boy oh boy did Ladybug get upset. Im hoping its because there was a new person in HER space and not just because there was change – if it is because she cant handle change I might need more than tequila and tranquilizer to get me through Australia, else I might just take Nonny up on her offer and use her car and pop out to the shop for about 3 weeks.



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